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Pharmaceutical Photography

Product Foto Studios specializes in pharmaceutical and Bio medical  photography. We have undertaken several projects all over India and covered pharma and medical  extensively  of the end product. We cover the entire video and photography procedure as per the Good Manufacturing Practices, gowning, clean rooms procedures etc. Capturing the photographs as required under manufacturing guidelines; enables our clients to create an image bank; from where they can use the photographs for their websites, social media promotions and print promotions.

We travel all over India and setup our professional studio lighting where ever required. We have the most advanced and latest technological accessories to shoot medical related photography. The photography is generally done, in two manners, of the equipment alone and with the lab technicians. Where ever, lab technicians are photographed, care is taken to ensure that the personnel is properly dressed in the required lab coat, gloves etc.

What dose a Great Pharmaceutical Photographer Do ?

As a pro photographers we  know how to use great light to convey medicine.

Understand what medicine is supposed to do and take kind of feeling it is supposed to evoke in its potential users. 

We can make you help enhance your advertising campaigns.

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